Replay AV


Record audio and video from the web


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Replay AV is the perfect tool for capturing multimedia content from the Internet, whether it be audio or video.

Not only can it capture videos from services like YouTube, MySpace and GoogleVideo, it also allows you to listen to hundreds of radio stations throughout the net.

Replay AV has a powerful multimedia guide to search for programs, broadcasters and television stations from all over the world.

With just one click you can search for, and download, thousands of Podcasts or radio programs that populate the web.

One of its main features is the ability to record programs to the hard disk. Replay AV is also capable converting files between 36 different audio and video formats.

Also, you don´t have to turn to external applications to burn your favourite songs to a CD, Replay Radio has an application that lets you save directly to a CD.

Replay AV replaced the now defunct Replay Radio, that is no longer being developed


15 minute limit for each recording session.

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